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Grammar notes

Welcome to our first Grammar notes step!

In Grammar Notes we will highlight grammar topics of interest to facilitate your language study.

This week, we start with verbs and nationalities.

Once you have finished reading this step, you should be able to form a complete sentence in Norwegian and tell where you are from and what your nationality is.



The Infinitive of a verb in Norwegian is identified by the infinitive marker “å”, similar to “to” in English.


Å komme To come
Å være To be

The Infinitive is, in a way, the proper name of a verb.

As the name suggests, however, the Infinitive of a verb is unchangeable. That means you can’t use it to express actions in a time perspective.

In order to do that, you need different verb tenses that change according to when the action the verb expresses was performed, for instance in present, past and/or future.

The tense of a Norwegian verb can in general be identified by checking its ending.

There are different endings for different tenses.

In this grammar post, we will take a brief look at the Present tense.

Most verbs have -r as ending for the Present tense.

Now, you have already read and heard this week’s texts about the Vidal family, so you know that there are four different verbs used in Week 1:

Jeg heter Alex My name is Alex
Hyggelig å hilse på deg Nice to meet you
Jeg er norsk I am Norwegian
Jeg kommer fra Norge I come from Norway
Hvor kommer du fra? Where are you from?

Can you identify the verbs in present tense?


World Map

Here you will find some examples of names for countries and nationalities.

Note that the adjectives for nationalities and the name of the languages have a tendency to end in -sk, while the names for persons can vary, but several end in -er.

In Norwegian, we just use capital letters for the country’s name.

Can you find your own nationality in the table below?

If not and you are curious, try to find it in the dictionary. It is in the searching progress for the word you need that you will learn it and be able to remember it better.

One learning step at a time!

Learning Steps

But you may also take a look at our Extended list in the downloads section at the bottom of the page.

Country Nationality (adjective) Person Language
Norge norsk en nordmann norsk
England engelsk en engelskmann engelsk
Frankrike fransk en franskmann fransk
Italia italiensk en italiener italiensk
Nederland nederlandsk en nederlender nederlandsk
Polen polsk en polakk polsk
Spania spansk en spanjol spansk
Tyskland tysk en tysker tysk
USA amerikansk en amerikaner (amerikansk) engelsk


Så, jeg heter Veruska og kommer fra Norge. Jeg er norsk.

Hvor kommer du fra?

Did you understand what I just wrote?

Can you write a similar sentence and tell your learning community about you?

Where are your fellow course participants from? Are there many different nationalities here?

Click on the discussion thread below and join in.


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