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Imperative of the verb

Imperative - verb

1) The imperative form of the verb is made by removing the infinitive -e:

å kjøpe to buy Kjøp! Buy!
å stoppe to stop Stopp! Stop!

2) Verbs that end in -mme have only one -m in the imperative:

å komme to come Kom! Come!

3) When the infinitive form is short (consists of only one syllable) the infinitive and the imperative forms are the same:

å se to see Se! See!
å gå to walk Gå! Go/Walk!

4) The Negative Imperative is formed in the same manner as the normal Imperative, but with the addition of the negative adverb IKKE before the verb:

Ikke gå! Don’t go!
Ikke se! Don’t see/look!
Ikke kom! Don’t come!
Ikke stopp! Don’t stop!

So, now…

Your turn:

Ikke stopp her, gå videre til neste steg!

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