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Learning goals this week

The Vidals have now moved to their new home and are adjusting to the life in Fjordvik. It is quite different from Paris!


From Paris…

Norwegian town

…to Fjordvik

They live now in a new apartment and this week, you will learn a bit more about their lifestyle in Norway.

You will acquire some vocabulary related to everyday life at home, nouns for furniture, days of the week, few time expressions and some grammar features which will help you structure sentences in Norwegian.

After you have reviewed the learning materials, we hope that you want to share your learning progress with the rest of the learning community and maybe write a small text about the place you live in. Just to practise on your new skills…

By the time you have finished reading a couple of the texts from this week, you will be able to write simple sentences about your home.

You can start for example with:

Jeg bor i … , i en leilighet i 3. etasje med 4 rom: Kjøkken, stue, to soverom og et bad. I live in…(address), in an apartment on the 3rd floor with 4 rooms: kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Then, you can try and describe briefly what furniture you have.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, so simply choose words from this week’s vocabulary.

Below, you’ll find a list of the main learning topics for this week:

What to learn

* Asking for information
* Furniture
* The days
* Time expressions

Main grammar

* Personal pronouns - object form
* Auxiliary verbs + infinitive
* Nouns - indefinite and definite forms singular and plural
* Introduction to possessives

Have a nice week learning Norwegian!

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