Personal pronouns: Object

Personal pronouns have two forms in Norwegian, subject and object form.

Last week we had a video about the Subject form of Norwegian personal pronouns. This week we will add the Object form.

Subject form Object form

1. jeg = I meg = me
2. du = you deg = you (singular)
3. han = he ham = him
hun = she henne = her
det/den = it det/den = it

1. vi = we oss = us
2. dere = you dere = you (plural)
3. de = they dem = them


Both den and det mean “it”. These forms can be used either as Subject or Object.

Den is used to replace masculine and feminine nouns, det replaces neuter nouns:

De har en sofa. Den er i stua.
De har ei stue. Den er stor.
Dina har et skap. Det har tre hyller.

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