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This is our last “Grammar Notes” step for this course. Therefore, we wanted to leave you with something useful yet enjoyable.

Family words

In this small paragraph, you’ll find the words you need to draw your own family tree.

Family Tree

In the Downloads section below, you’ll find the drawing of a family tree (slektstre) you can fill in with your own family members.

Note that most of family words in Norwegian are irregular nouns, so remember to learn the proper inflection!

en familie - familien - familier - familiene a family
et barn - barnet - barn - barna a child
ei mor - mora - mødre - mødrene a mother
en far - faren - fedre - fedrene a father
foreldre - foreldrene (pl.) parents
ei datter - dattera - døtre - døtrene a daughter
en sønn - sønnen - sønner - sønnene a son
ei søster - søstera - søstre - søstrene a sister
en bror - broren - brødre - brødrene a brother
søsken -søsknene (pl.) siblings
et enebarn an only child
ei tante - tanten - tanter - tantene an aunt
en onkel - onkelen - onkler - onklene an uncle
ei kusine - kusinen - kusiner - kusinene a cousin (female)
en fetter - fetteren - fettere - fetterne a cousin (male)
et søskenbarn a cousin (in general, m. or f.)
en nevø - nevøen - nevøer - nevøene a nephew
ei niese - niesen - nieser - niesene a niece
ei bestemor - bestemora - bestemødre - bestemødrene a grandmother
ei farmor a paternal grandmother
ei mormor a maternal grandmother
en bestefar - bestefaren - bestefedre - bestefedrene a grandfather
en farfar a paternal grandfather
en morfar a maternal grandfather
besteforeldre - besteforeldrene grandparents
et barnebarn a grandchild

Now, can you draw your family tree in Norwegian?

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