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The vowels Æ & A

Practise phonetics with Harald and Theodor

Today you will get to practise the vowels “æ” and “a”. “a” is probably a well-known vowel to you, but listen carefully to Harald’s pronunication of both “a” and “æ”. Then try to figure out where in your mouth you articulate “æ”. Listen to Harald and Teodor, and then repeat the words after Harald. Don’t forget to say them out loud. Don’t be shy!

After you have practised the vowels, please let us know in the comment section if the pronunciation is challenging, and maybe you even have got some advice to your fellow learners about how to practise the vowels, especially “æ”.

Share your vowels

If you want to you can record yourself saying the vowels “æ” and “a” and share your sounds in the comments below. It can be really helpful for you to hear other learners pronouncing the same vowles as you.

If you are wondering how to do this, please take a look at the guide in step 1.14. And please make yourself familiar with FutureLearn’s advice on sharing using third party tools.

Looking forward to hearing your vowels!

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