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Skip to 0 minutes and 2 seconds SPEAKER: Is it possible to describe a typical care home manager’s day? Anything can happen. If the manager is also a nurse, then clinical and professional leadership roles are intrinsic to resident and to staff well-being. Managers lead the standards of care from admission to end of life, no matter how complex. Managers demonstrate multidisciplinary and multi-agency working. Managers strive for continuous improvement, service, staff and self. Managers need courage, compassion, imagination, integrity, adaptability, and knowledge– lots of knowledge. Maybe there is no such thing as a typical day. [WHISTLING]

A day in the life of a care home nurse

We have looked at why care homes are important to health and social care delivery and importantly, to residents.

But what actually goes on beneath the surface of a care home and who has the responsibility?

Being a care home manager means taking a front-line leadership role to meet national standards and provide a care home service that enhances the lives of residents. If the care home manager also happens to be a nurse then professional and clinical leadership must feature strongly on a daily basis.

The clinical skills are used by all nurses and the other activities can occur infrequently or daily. Some are the roles of more senior nursing staff and other roles can belong to all of the team

Is it possible to describe a typical day in a care home? Not really.

The PDF in the DOWNLOADS section below lists some but not all of the tasks a manager needs to undertake and be knowledgeable about to be an effective nursing practitioner and home manager.

How many of these roles were you aware of?

Let us know in the COMMENTS section.

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