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Skip to 0 minutes and 12 seconds …on the ward and in clinical practice it’s hard. It’s a hard job. It’s always been a hard job. You’ve got to be incredibly resilient and you’ve got to learn how to manage some of the stresses. Some of the things that you see as a nurse, no one else ever sees and that can be incredibly difficult, especially when you go out of nursing and in to your social life. It can be hard to get the right support and I think that encourages people to leave.

Stress: a personal perspective

Having established key issues in nursing, we will explore each of these in more detail, starting with stress.

In this first section we explore factors that contribute towards stress in nursing, the effects that stress has on the individual and available support strategies.

In this video Sally Wilson, a matron, describes her perceptions of how stress is experienced in nursing and how, at times, stress felt at work can transfer to personal lives.

Your task

Think of a time when you experienced stress in the workplace. In the comments, share the factors that you think contributed to your feelings of stress.

Think of someone in a different role. In a similar situation to the one you identified, do you think they would experience the circumstances in the same way as you?

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