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Bringing it all together

Over the last two weeks we have examined issues of stress, violence, professional image, migration, education and pay in nursing and how they contribute to a global nursing shortage.

Through our conversations we have identified the close relationship between these factors and considered some strategies to address challenges.

We have also considered how steps taken to address issues have sometimes led to additional problems (for an example, think back to step 1.18, Nursing education and pay, which examines the relationship between subsidy of nurses’ education and impact on nursing pay).

Your task

Choose one issue from those we have discussed that impacts you in your own nursing practice.

Write a paragraph identifying a small change that could make a positive contribution to this issue and post this in the comments. Would this change also produce negative effects in other areas of your practice?

Compare your thoughts with those of others and comment on posts that you find particularly thought-provoking.

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Nursing in Crisis? Exploring Current Challenges

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