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Child labour is often seen in the cobolt mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, In Fortune, January 2019, we can read about attempts to reduce this problem.

A few companies have seized on a possible solution: Using blockchain to track and monitor how their cobalt is mined and marketed.

Profile picture of lead educator Bente E. Moen © University of Bergen Bente Elisabeth Moen: -My wish is that this MOOC can be an inspiration for all students to work for good working conditions.

The 13th January 2019, India Today reported: “Indian labourers face health hazards from exposure to cement.”

Cement production is increasing in many countries, as it is important for development of infrastructure and buildings. However, this study from New Dehli shows serious problems of skin diseases among many workers due to the handling of cement. Let us hope the workers will get their needed gloves soon!

Profile picture of educator Magne Bråtveit © University of Bergen Magne Bråtveit: -Our course has focused on occupational exposures in traditional industries in developing countries. This knowledge will make you prepared to look out for occupational risks in newer sectors like the recycling industry.

UAV published an article March 4, 2019: “Improving Worker Safety With Drones.”

“While eliminating all of the risk that comes with some jobs is unlikely, it is important to find ways to reduce employee risk exposure as much as possible. This article describes the use of technology to improve worker safety. Let us hope that this type of technology can help us to make the workplaces safer in the future.”

Profile picture of educator Ole Jacob Møllerløkken. © University of Bergen Ole Jacob Møllerløkken -I hope that you in this course have learned about different factors that may be encountered at workplaces, and that you are inspired to find possible ways to achieve a safe workplace in spite of different risk factors for health.

In Zimbabwe, News in February 2019 reported a large number of drowned miners – a disaster! These type of accidents should be prevented by better routines at the mines.

At least 60 gold miners are feared dead in Zimbabwe after water flooded two disused shafts in a mining town southwest of Harare, a government minister has said.

Profile picture of educator Gro Tjalvin © University of Bergen Gro Tjalvin: - Health personnel should be educated to recognize work-related diseases, and be able to suggest preventive measures. This is where I hope this course will make a major contribution. Because, - no one should be harmed at work!

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