Skip to 0 minutes and 7 secondsThree veterinarians like us could not have shown you a range of medicine cases that were really sometimes beyond our field. This was only possible because we had the opportunity to collaborate with great, open-minded colleagues from many different disciplines such as medical anthropology. We want to thank them here, heartedly, and thank you for the participation in this course. Indeed, we want to encourage you to seek such interdisciplinary collaborations. And you will find new angles to a One Health problem.

Skip to 0 minutes and 46 secondsWe would like to thank farmers and food market stakeholders for their valuable contribution. We are grateful to the Consortium Afrique One funded by the Wellcome Trust and the NGOs with Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Suisse and CAB Demeso as well as the International Livestock Research Institute. The principle of One Health is very simple but not always easy to prove. One Health is the added value of a closer cooperation of human and animal health. Now you can engage and show how One Health works in your country or in your case studies. We thank you very much for your participation and hope you enjoyed this course.

Thank you all for your participation!

Thank you for your participation in this course. We appreciate all your comments and discussions, and we had a great time in the past six weeks. One Health is an approach based on the exchange of information and meanings, culture and ethics. We are happy that you shared your opinions and ideas with us.

Please give us your feedback. We’d be very grateful if you would take a few minutes to complete the post-course survey. Your feedback will help us to improve the course before running it again.

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