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Image of Character Keemi
Meet Keemi

Case Study: Keemi is ready to advertise

Keemi took your advice, conducted her online research and was able to find out a little about her competitors and her potential customers’ online behaviour.

She thought what you suspected! Keemi has found out that they visit news sites and social media sites, as well as using major search engines.

She feels confident now, and is ready to start spending some of the advertising money she set aside earlier. Based on her findings, she has decided to use both search and display advertising to promote her healthy food and wellbeing products.

She thought she would start with display advertising first on websites instead of portals to keep your costs relatively low whilst she trials her advertising.

Case Study

Take a look at the Google AdSense guide to advertising sizes. What size of advertisement would you recommend for Keemi to gain maximum exposure from her advertising.

Post your advice to Keemi In the Comments section.

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