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Online public relations

Online Public Relations

Online public relations is easily confused with internet marketing.

The primary difference between the two is that internet marketing focuses on promoting your products or services with the view to converting to sales; whereas online public relations is focused on developing materials that will provide information, news and articles of interest about your business to your target audience.

There are multiple tools available for small business owners that will aid online public relations. Some tools could include press releases, blogs, email newsletters, podcasts and whitepapers.

Not all tools are right for all businesses. With a little bit of sleuthing on your competitors in your industry, you’ll quickly find the right mix of online PR tools that can be used within your own online small business!


With a focus on developing materials that provide information, news and articles of interest to your target audience, online public relations can be a successful tool to use within any online business.

Take a look at some of the online tools available for you to spy on your competition and identify in the Comments section which ones would be of use to you in your online small business.

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