Microsite Marketing
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Microsite marketing

At this stage, you have probably started to think about, plan or even launch your branded website – so let’s put some thought into the development of a microsite for your online business.

A microsite is a branded site that exists outside a company's primary website and URL. Whilst associated with the parent company, a microsite has its own content as a subdomain of the parent site. For example, when Domino's Pizza announced their new Chevy Spark pizza delivery cars in the U.S., known as DXPs, they launched a dedicated microsite for DXP .

Comprised of various classifications, online businesses can use a microsite to:

  1. Drive a specific campaign for a specified period of time - just like Domino’s did to introduce their DXP delivery cars.
  2. Evoke a specific call to action - a charity might use a microsite to inform their audience of a particular charitable campaign and encourage them to to donate, volunteer or contact their local government representative.
  3. Publish content frequently and indefinitely - EmojiTracker.com is a good example- it conducts real-time tracking of all emojis used on Twitter.

A microsite is an effective way for a small business to deliver targeted messages for various topics, products or campaigns. It can:

  • Boost SEO and SEM where the microsite has been set up for a unique and specific purpose
  • Provide easy user navigation with responsive design
  • Enhance online presence, including reach and awareness
  • Track marketing campaign outcomes
  • Provide extra value for the brand
  • Enable content to be delivered free from existing congestion in the primary website.

However, there are some limitations to the development of a microsite including:

  • High risk of confusion with different platforms for users to interact with.
  • Additional resources needed for development and execution.
  • Limited lifespan (depending on the type of microsite developed).

Whilst the development of microsite marketing will demand additional resources from your online business, take a read of Aitom - Why a microsite to see if this would be a viable option for your business.


You have learned some of the advantages and disadvantages of developing a microsite. Thinking about some of your favorite companies, identify a company that uses a microsite marketing strategy and answer the following:

  • How does the microsite relate to the parent company?
  • Do you think it is an effective use of the company's resources?

Post your ideas in the Comments section.

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