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Branded Blogs

Branded blogs

Branded blog sites are useful and easy to use digital marketing tools for small businesses. Blogs are popular for online businesses. They are a single page website designed to share thoughts and discussions on topics of interest to visitors site and are an inexpensive marketing tool.

However, it should be noted that blogs differ from websites and microsites in two fundamental ways:

  1. Blogs are frequently updated with new content (posts), sometimes several times per week.
  2. Blogs allow visitors to engage in discussion with the site owner (blogger) and other visitors to the site.

By regularly adding new content to the blog, online business owners can improve their search rankings. A blog can also be a great tool to keep customers and loyal followers up to date about the business’s products and services, and provide them with offers, tips and information. It can also help build credibility and a good reputation in the industry, and of course it can help you make money. The more frequently a visitor comes to the blog to get updates, the more likely they are to spend money.

However, one disadvantage is that to blog well takes time - it takes time to find and develop content, to generate ideas of interest to your target audience, and it takes time to find new and compelling information so readers (visitors) will return to the blog.

How to start a blog

According to Blogging Basics 101 it is very easy to start a blog - particularly if you have a website platform that supports blogs such as WordPress. Once you’ve chosen the platform, choose your host (if you don’t already have a host for your website), then set up the blog, choose a design and create the useful resources.

Case Study

As part of her digital marketing strategy, Keemi wants to start a blog - she has a talent for writing and feels that there’s a wealth of information about health and wellbeing in general and about her business’s products that she can share with customers. She also wants to make sure that her blog is a good fit with the display advertising that she has organised to promote her business.

Now you understand the basics of blogging, what are some of the advantages and disadvantages that may exist if Keemi was to write a blog for her online business?

Share your ideas in the Comments section.

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