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Owned Media Examples
Additional Owned Media

Additional Forms of Owned Media

There are many other inexpensive tools for internet marketing activities, all designed to help online business owners convert their marketing efforts into sales.

Some of these useful tools include:


These simple digital versions of a book are designed to be read on a computer, smartphone or tablet device. Writing and creating an eBook can be a great way to reach a wider audience and gain loyal followers. Great eBooks help solve a problem and they’re easy to create - all you need is the idea of how to solve a genuine problem, and you can get started.

White papers

White papers are different from eBooks. White papers contain more depth, are text heavy and formal; compared with the eBook which is bite sized chunks, visually heavy and geared toward casual conversation. White papers are particularly useful for businesses that operate in a B2B (business to business) environment and the eBooks are often used to pre-sell offerings.

Article marketing

If done well, article marketing can be a valuable resource for an online business. The idea behind this inexpensive marketing tool is to distribute unique content to other websites to get exposure to new markets.


Podcasts are online radio shows that are usually part of a series. Due to copyright issues, many podcasts avoid use of imagery and music; focusing largely on radio talk style recordings. These recordings are generally listened to on smart devices, portable devices and computers.


Webinars are short video based information or discussion sessions held online. They are particularly good for small businesses to build your database, position yourself as an expert, increase your credibility and open up new opportunities for your business.


Read ‘5 Online Marketing Strategies for a Tight Budget’ from Entrepreneur.com and think about all the additional tools discussed so far. What tools would be useful to your business idea and why?

Post your thoughts in the Comments area and take a look at some of the ideas other learners have posted.

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