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Communicate like a pro!

If you’ve made the decision to use social media marketing then remember there are a few key things that will help drive the success of your campaign:

  • Respond promptly: social media is about immediacy. There is an expectation that when someone posts a complaint or comment on social media that the brand owner will respond even if it’s just a ‘like’ or comment.
  • Moderate: moderate your Facebook wall and any other social media space where your audience can leave comments. Learn how to manage trolls and when and when not to respond to comments. Use an experienced moderator, one that understands clear and concise communication, and can extinguish any potential negative commentary - this will help prevent negative publicity going viral.
  • Monitor: listen closely and regularly (at least daily) across each platform.
  • Influencers: identify key influencers (bloggers or stakeholders/individuals within companies etc) across multiple social media platforms and provide them with appropriate levels of information to ensure they are positive advocates of your brand and product or service.
  • Traffic: develop creative competitions and activities that will drive traffic to your social media platforms and ultimately to your website in order to convert likes and followers into customers.

There are many other simple things that you can do to create a healthy social media space. However focusing on these five primary activities will assist you in managing your online business profile.


You’ve just logged on to one of your social media platforms and have seen that someone has just left a very negative comment about one of your products. What do you do?

Post your thoughts about how you would handle this situation in the Comments section.

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