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Skip to 0 minutes and 11 seconds At the start we didn’t actually do a digital marketing plan for run my digital. Again, it’s probably one of those reflection places that it would have very good to do that. I think as a small business operator you can often be running pretty fast delivering for clients and then you don’t take the time to look at your own.

Skip to 0 minutes and 30 seconds Lots of things that you think, oh, I have done that differently. For example, that collecting of database. I feel like that was something that I didn’t do and now I really concentrate now on in one fine print. And also, focusing on continually building that relationship with clients. So you are contacting them through social media, and newsletters, and blog posts. So looking for ways to engage with clients on multiple levels, multiple– in multiple ways. And my other thing that I– I would say that I would have done differently, is to jump onto things quickly– quicker, rather than step back and wait to see how they go. That would be my number one overall advice.

Skip to 1 minute and 10 seconds But in terms of digital marketing I think, find what works for you and just concentrate on that rather than try and spreading yourself across all them. I think when you start out it’s really hard work, but it’s rewarding work. [MUSIC PLAYING]


In the digital marketing space it is important to be willing to test and learn from your marketing campaigns. Things will not always go exactly as planned; there will be times of delight, times of frustration and times of puzzlement.

What is really important in the digital marketing environment is a willingness to be adaptable, flexible, and to learn by listening carefully to your target audience and watching closely what your competitors are doing in the marketplace.


How do you feel now about starting your digital marketing campaign? What has been a ‘light bulb’ moment for you during this course?

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