Skip to 0 minutes and 10 secondsHello and welcome to Planning for Success. Planning for Success is the first of four modules in the online business success program. As the name suggests, this course, Planning for Success, is about the key areas you'll need to consider if you're thinking about launching your own online business. The key areas are planning, setting goals and objectives. These areas will keep you on track because you will sort through key areas of commencing an online business and you'll be committed to a plan of action. You will hear from experienced online small business entrepreneurs, who've taken the step that you may be considering right now, in starting an online business.

Skip to 0 minutes and 51 secondsThey tell of their own experiences of why they decided to start an online business, and share with us what they would change or do differently. I'd do a lot of things differently, to be honest. One thing is, I would treat my capital with more care. Many online business operators are the only person in the business, who would discuss some of the traits and resources that you will need to help you in that situation. Along the way we will also introduce you to our experienced RMIT University academics, who will explain the planning phase of starting an online business, and some of the challenges you may face in setting up your own online website.

Skip to 1 minute and 30 secondsTo make life easier is to make it more simplistic. Throughout the weeks you'll be given the opportunity to engage and interact with the course. You'll be asked to reflect on your own situation, undertake quizzes, evaluate websites, and other materials of interest. I wish you all the best and encourage you to be an active participant by posting any comments about the course and your journey through Planning for Success.

Welcome to Planning an Online Business

Welcome to the first course in the Online Business Success Program, Online Business: Planning for Success. This course discusses the importance of business planning, provides an overview some of the tools, traits and resources successful entrepreneurs need to start a new online business.

This course is the first course in a series of four courses designed by the experienced academics at RMIT University and RMIT’s Business Enterprise Unit - specialists in providing skills to entrepreneurs and self-employed business persons.

Throughout your journey, you will hear from both academics and entrepreneurs as they provide you with practical information and resources that will help you build your online business.

Written to guide people of any age (from school aged learners, to mature aged learners), this course provides the basics required to start an online business.

After completing the four courses within the program, learners may be eligible to continue and further their studies through recognition for prior learning into the Certificate IV in New Small Business (an Australian nationally accredited program), designed to further your skills in creating a viable small business.

Details of eligibility and more information on the Certificate IV in Small Business can be found in the Downloads section.

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Online Business: Planning for Success

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