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variety of tools that could be considered when planning
Planning to be an online entrepreneur

Planning to be an Online Entrepreneur

Why are you interested in starting your own online business? Maybe you have a hobby that you believe you can turn into a money maker, or maybe you want a better lifestyle and standard of living, or perhaps you want to be your own boss?

There are many reasons why you could be considering taking that step to being an online entrepreneur.

Regardless of why you are going into business, one thing you can be sure of is that starting your own online business will involve a great deal of change. For example, because it’s likely that you will be initially operating your new online business from home, the lines may blur between what is work and what is home. You’ll need to take steps to clearly define these two areas of your life.

It is important to plan as much as possible for change so that interruptions and setbacks are minor and you are able to focus clearly on your business.

In the Downloads area, you’ll find a self-reflection document for you to think about why you are starting your own online business, identify some of the potential areas of change you may experience, and plan some of the steps you can take to minimise or manage those changes.

Case study

Jordan has decided to use a ‘pure online business’ as her business format and when the business is well-established she intends to investigate the possibility of a shopfront - but this will be much further down the track.

Jordan is keen to see what others think of her business idea, so she decides to discuss her idea with friends and family. Jordan’s friends and family are keen to support her but are still unsure of why she has decided to to an online business.


Using the comments area, share your thoughts of why Jordan’s online business concept is a good idea?

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