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Turning Objectives into Action

Turning Objectives into Action

What is an action plan?

An action plan is a plan that contains a number of actions or steps. Each action or step explains the specifics of what tasks/activities must take place to achieve the business objective.

The action should include the following information:

  • Who, what, when, and how
  • What actions will need to happen?
  • When will these actions need to be taken, and how long will they take to be completed?
  • Who will carry out these actions?
  • What resources need to be allocated to carry out these actions (e.g. money, equipment, staff)?
  • What are the communication requirements? Who needs to know what?


Action plans can be represented in many different ways.

Using the hastag #RMITactionplanning, share and post on Twitter an image of an action plan that you think represents the criteria above.

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