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Developing an Action Plan

Developing an Action Plan

Case study

Jordan has established a goal, objective and KPI for her business, Jordan’s Just Travel (revisit step 3.4 for details). There’s a lot to do if she wants her business to achieve its objective of organising a minimum of 24 travel packages (flight, accommodation, transfer, tour and special occasion venue) in the next financial year.

Jordan now needs to work out exactly what resources she’ll need to achieve this goal and objective, the timeframes in which it can be achieved and some way of tracking on a regular basis how she’s progressing toward her goal. Jordan realises that the best way to do this is to develop an action plan - she takes the time to find an action planning template that will best suit her business needs and circumstances.


Thinking about Jordan’s goal and objective, list in the discussion area two resources and an appropriate timeframe for each that she will need in her action plan to achieve her goal.

Discuss why you think these resources are important.

In the Downloads area, is an action planning template. Take a look and identify some resources in your own action plan for your new business idea.

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