Shake hands and meet the academics and educators
Meet the Academics and Educators

Meet the academics and educators


Throughout the four weeks you will meet a practicing academic from RMIT University:

Linda Boyce
</br>Business Owner of The Office Elsewhere and Academic

Linda has been a professional bookkeeper and business owner for over 15 years providing business support services to a diverse range of small and large organisations.

In addition to managing her business, Linda lectures at RMIT University in the College of Business to vocational students. By teaching in the vocational sector she brings to the classroom her theoretical, practical knowledge and skills in the area of accounting and bookkeeping.

In Australia, Linda is a member of the Institute of Public Accountants, the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and the Association of Accounting Technicians. In addition, she a registered agent with the Tax Practitioners Board.


Meet your Lead Educator and mentor who will take you on your journey over the next four weeks.

Lead Educator

Brett Stavenuiter
Business Program Manager, Senior Educator, Entrepreneur

Brett is cognisant of creating authentic, meaningful and engaging educational experiences for learners. His strength lies in involving and engaging learners in applying their knowledge to real life situations reflecting the work or discipline in which they are involved. He is a sought after speaker, participating in numerous business development conferences and seminars, and he is an active member of many business development associations in Australia. With over 20 years as managing director of his own company specialising in business and educational consultancy as well as a building retail businesses, Brett has assisted over 8,000 aspiring entrepreneurs learn and set up successful businesses working across three continents.

Brett not only shares his own in-depth business knowledge and experience, he also facilitates learning by encouraging other entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and experience and he builds on these to provide the best possible outcomes for learners.


Andrew Stevens

Andrew Stevens' experience in Banking and Finance spans over 30 years having worked for numerous prominent Banking and Financial Service giants and more recently within the training and education sector.

His roles have included Business Development and Relationship Partnership Management, whose responsibilities comprised of setting up new businesses within Companies to create new target markets, strategic alliances, marketing strategies and developing distribution networks.

Over the journey Andrew has maintained his Networks and relationships, which include a cross section of senior members of well-known large financial institutions, SME’s, 3rd party intermediaries and other related industry sectors he has worked for.

Andrew’s background, experience and qualifications, established networks and relationships, along with his strong communication and listening skills and background in implementing strategies to assist businesses grow; puts him in a very strong position to assist and guide new start up business owners with the aim of meeting their goals and objectives.


Rosie Johnson

Rosie has 25 years’ experience in developing and running her own businesses in the retail and service sectors. She has been a consultant to existing small business operators in Victoria for the past 15 years, providing training and advice on marketing, budgeting, systems, business planning, bookkeeping and financial management.

Over the last 15 years Rosie has worked in various marketing roles for organisations such as Alzheimer’s Australia (Vic.), Monash University - Faculty of Education and School of Political and Social Inquiry, Melbourne University Student Union (MUSU) and Melbourne River Cruises.

In addition, Rosie has provided business facilitation skills and accredited small business marketing and financial training for a variety of organisations.

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