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Skip to 0 minutes and 12 seconds Hi. I’m Rob, from Run Auto Parts. And I’m Fran. We started this business in 2011. I’m an enthusiast of cars, especially European cars. And back then, there wasn’t a lot of options if you wanted to source maintenance parts for these sort of vehicles. And I love the technology. So together, we created an online store selling car parts. So we’re catering for the needs, for the owners of European cars, typically four or five years old and older than that. And this is because, once these cars are out of the dealer servicing, we can effectively sell exactly the same part as a genuine part, but for, obviously, a much, much cheaper cost.

Skip to 0 minutes and 57 seconds Our typical customer is a do-it-yourself enthusiast type person. There’s so much information on YouTube now. You can pretty much learn how to do any service. The thing that makes the website a great tool for them is they can go to it, and I can put their car at the start with a few clicks. And then all the parts they’re going to need for a certain job will be displayed straight away. As long as those cars are on the road, they’re going to be needing parts. And we’d like to be the company that supplies them. So we started off mainly just in Australia. But now we’ve expanded to the rest of the world.

Skip to 1 minute and 47 seconds Hi. My name’s Julien Cohen. I own MyCraze.com.au.

Skip to 1 minute and 53 seconds So My Craze is an e-commerce retail store. We deal with fashion, street wear, music gear, pop culture, pretty much anything that people are crazy about.

Skip to 2 minutes and 6 seconds So the idea for My Craze is that my partner and I, who’s my wife, we’d very much into collecting for a very long time. We love what we buy. We’re constantly scouring the world for interesting and great products. The reason I started my business is I’ve always wanted to do my own thing and really be in control of my future and invest in myself. In the last few years, I worked for a large online retail business and was a buyer, but also working with computers and graphics. The whole photography side of the business, I’d studied that for a while. I realised that I had all the skills to run a business on my own.

Skip to 2 minutes and 54 seconds I think that I’ve come to a point where I’ll never go back to work for anybody ever again.

Meet the Entrepreneurs

Julien Cohen

Julien first began his eCommerce career with eBay where his skills for IT and graphic design, coupled with his passion for photography; music and pop culture first came to light.

Julien continued his excitement for the online space, becoming a buyer for ‘Catch of the Day’. With online experience under his belt, Julien seized his opportunity to enter the online market on his own, launching MyCraze.com.au.

MyCraze.com.au offers premium fashion brands, memorabilia, audio equipment and cosmetics via an online channel.

Australian owned and operated, MyCraze.com.au keenly focuses on streetwear, audio gear and pop culture delivering unique products on a global scale.

Rob Weigall & Frances Codon
Run Auto Parts

Run Auto Parts is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of car owners by offering a massive range of European Automotive Parts online.

When launched in 2011, the European Car Parts retail segment was not well serviced online or by the traditional Bricks and Mortar Auto Part Stores, which struggled to offer the large range of parts that customers wanted.

The Run Auto Parts website was developed on an opensource platform. The website’s flexible programming capability enabled fast adaption to the changing online landscape.

As popularity for online shopping soared, the business quickly grew and key relationships were developed with distributors. This enabled Run Auto Parts to offer its customers a huge supply of high quality parts at affordable prices.

Run Auto Parts is driven by its customers. With an excellent distribution network throughout Australia and international postage capabilities, it continues to develop into a sophisticated shopping site allowing customers to take control of their cars’ servicing needs.

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