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The importance of behaviour characteristics

The importance of behaviour characteristics

A customer's behaviour is a great way to understand who they are and why they are willing to make a purchase.

You can identify whether they are an instant buyer because they are familiar with your brand or they purchase impulsively; or whether they do research before purchasing the product or service because they feel there is a level of risk associated with the purchase, or they are unfamiliar with the category or your product or service.

The better you understand the customer, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to successfully market your products or services.


Read the Harvard Business Review article, ‘What Really Makes Customers Buy a Product’

Reflect upon what your own motivations were for buying a new mobile phone. For example: Did the advertising help you connect to the idea of having this new technology? Did you like the way the product looked? Did you have friends or family that have a particular model, so you knew what the device could offer you etc.?

Post your reflection in the Comments area and compare with other learners to identify any similarities or trends.

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