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Image of figure building a persona
Persona building

Persona building

Personas are part of your business plan, as well as your marketing plan.

The persona acts like the glue between you and your planning process to ensure that you keep your target customer or consumer front of mind at all times when developing your products or services and conducting your marketing efforts.

It is helpful to build more than one persona as there will always be more than one type of customer or consumer that you are targeting. Indeed, it’s not uncommon to have up to five different personas.

The good thing about building a persona is that as they are visual you can stick them on your wall and have your customer right in front of you at all times!

Watch the video on ‘What are Customer Personas’ from Good Morning Marketers via the link in the related links area to help you understand the concept of using your market research information to develop a persona and how it can help your business.

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