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What is a customer journey?

What is a Customer Journey?

Customer or consumer journeys are about using your persona you developed to gain further understanding around the process a customer or consumer takes in order to decide and make a purchase online.

It includes understanding how they make their purchase decision, seek out information, and the path that leads them to your website.

Each customer's purchasing journey is different. For some customers or consumers, it may take them several visits to your website before they actually decide to take the action and to purchase your product or service online. The journey and the ultimate decision to purchase can be due to a variety of reasons. Here are just a few:

  • Familiarity: the customer or consumer are very familiar with you because they have purchased from you before; or maybe they not familiar with your offering or the category, and want to learn more by looking at other products (your competitor) so they have a point of reference before making the decision
  • Risk: the level of risk considered by the customer or consumer to purchase may be low risk as what they are purchasing is of low financial outlay and therefore they purchase immediately; or maybe the customer or consumer didn’t purchase because there is a higher degree of financial or personal risk in the purchase and they are still looking for ways to reduce the risk in their selection
  • Not sold!: maybe they just haven’t been convinced yet about your offering so they are going to keep searching.
  • No matter the reasons for immediate purchase or several visits to your site, if you understand their journey - how they make their purchase decision, how they seek out information, and how they got to your site - it will improve your chances of converting them into sales for your products or services.


    Think about one of the online purchases you recently made. Did you proceed with the purchase because you were already familiar with the brand or product? Or did you proceed with the purchase because it was a low financial or social risk? It is essential to keep in mind the differences that can exist between customers during their journey to purchase as you read the next few pages.

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