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Image of a typical day for a consumer
'A day in the life'

Type 1: ‘day in the life’

‘Day in the Life’ of the customer or consumer is a very popular customer journey map.

Widely applied by advertising, communications, innovation and product development industries, these customer journey maps use the typical day of your typical customer or consumer - starting from when they wake in the morning, to when they go to bed at night. This type of map illustrates:

  • When during the day a customer interacts with your brand, product or category
  • How they use or incorporate the product, service or category into their daily routine
  • Problems they are trying to solve when they use the product or service.

Because the journey map looks at the entire day and not just when your product or service is being used, it is a great way to identify:

  • Opportunities for new products or services that will solve problems the customer has throughout the day, and
  • Ways to improve an experience.

There are many approaches to developing a ‘Day in the Life’ customer journey, all of which include research. The important aspect is to walk in the customer’s shoes.

Take a read of the Cowan+ article in the See Also section for an example of a 'Day in the Life' profile.

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