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Getting to know us

You’ll be guided through the course by Lindsay Warwick and Marie Therese Swabey, who are the lead educators on the course. Here’s a bit of information about them.

Lindsay is a teacher, trainer and materials writer, and has been teaching English for 20 years. She is a CELTA trainer and has delivered teacher development courses in the UK and abroad on topics such as ‘Train the trainer’, ‘Using technology in the classroom’ and ‘Expert teaching’. She is co-author of several coursebooks.

Marie Therese is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer. She has taught in Italy, West Africa, the US and the UK. She’s also an assessor and Joint Chief Assessor for a range of teaching qualifications administered by Cambridge English. In recent years she has been involved in the development of online courses including a number of Cambridge English MOOCs on FutureLearn.

There will also be moderators working with you on the course who have experience of teaching English online. They will be answering your questions and giving you more information about teaching English online as you progress through the course. Here’s a bit of information about our moderators.

Conor opted to move into a career in teaching after having graduated with a degree in law. He went on to obtain a TEFL qualification and got a job teaching in China. He has experience teaching secondary school children in the UK, primarily focused on the integration of physical exercise with classroom based learning, with the use of technology being promoted in both of these environments to incorporate different learning styles and maximise student engagement. He has spent a number of years using Blackboard for communication, examinations and for the sharing of resources, namely podcasts and supplementary course content.

Darren is a teacher trainer in China who has been teaching and training teachers for more than 10 years. He is a CELTA and Delta qualified teacher and he has worked with learners in China and Spain. Now he is mainly working with online teachers in the context of teaching language to Chinese young learners.

Sunny has an MA TESOL from the University of Durham. She has worked as a teaching assistant in Britain. Now she works full time at a public school as a course leader and teaches Cambridge exams on the side for five years. She is also the speaking examiner of KET and PET. She teaches online lessons regularly and is familiar with different online teaching platforms.

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