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Self-reflection activities for online teachers

You’ve just heard Lindsay, Marie Therese and Mary talking about the importance of reflecting on lessons. Let’s then think about some specific reflection activities that online teachers can do to help them develop their online teaching skills.

For example, if a teacher is worried that their classroom instructions are poor, they can record a lesson, then watch it, focusing on how they give instructions. They can note down the strengths and weaknesses of their instructions and plan to overcome the weaknesses in their next lesson.


Read the four situations (A–D) and answer Questions 1–5. (You can click on the image to expand it.)

Screen reader accessible version of situations A-D

  1. What reflection activity could you do in each situation?

  2. What is the focus of the reflection?

  3. Would you reflect during the lesson or after the lesson?

  4. Would you need to record the lesson?

  5. What would you need to do after the lesson to actively make improvements to your teaching skills?

Check your answers.

Reflect and check

What other reflection activities could an online teacher do to reflect on their lessons? Share your ideas in the comments.

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