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A mock up of an online teaching platform.

Exploiting features of a platform

Now that you’ve seen the features that a platform might offer, you’re going to look at how these features can be used in a lesson.

Task 1

Go to this Quizlet to match some activities with these platform features. To match the activities in Quizlet, drag and drop the matching texts onto each other. To navigate back to the course please use the back button in your browser.

A: Hands up icon B: Audio icon C: Breakout rooms
D: Interactive whiteboard E: Chat box F: Pointer
G: Share screen feature

Check your answers

Task 2

We’ve talked about different platforms and the features teachers can use, but how do the platforms really work? What do they look like in action? Cecilia Nobre, an experienced online teacher, has made a YouTube video about Zoom, the platform she uses.

Watch Cecilia demonstrating some of the features she uses when she teaches English online. While you watch, make notes about the different platform features. Click here to go to the video. To open a link in a new tab, hold down ‘Ctrl’ (or ‘Command’ on a Mac) when you click it.

Reflect and share

Which features do you think you would use when teaching online? In the comments, choose two features and share your ideas about why you think they would be useful. Read other participants’ comments.

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