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Testing new students

When you start teaching a new student, you’ll probably want to assess their level of English so that you can plan and deliver the most effective lessons you can. While you can assess the learner’s listening and speaking skills through an interview, you might want to use a more formal test or encourage the learner to self-assess so they can set their own goals. In this step, you’re going to look at three online tools you can use with new students.


Click on the three tools below (1–3) and find out what each tool does. Then, match it to its description (A–C).

  1. Test your English

  2. European Day of Languages

  3. British Council

A. A simple version of the European Common Framework of Reference for teachers that learners can use to self-assess their English.

B. A free online test which helps learners to select the best Cambridge English Qualification for them. Even if your learners aren’t planning on taking a Cambridge exam, this tool can be a very useful way of finding out a learner’s level when you begin teaching them.

C. A quiz that helps learners to self-assess their language skills.

Check your answers.

Reflect and share

What other tools might be useful in assessing a learner’s level? Share your ideas in the comments.

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