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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 seconds ABIGAIL ROKISON-WOODALL: And so, we come to the willow scene, a scene cut in so many 18th and 19th century productions. A scene in which Emilia speaks out about the way in which men abuse women, possibly from her own bitter experience. It was, perhaps, a turning point in the play, with Desdemona having turned from a feisty, assertive figure to a quietly compliant one, and Emilia turning from obedient wife to vehement critic of husband’s behaviour. We’re going to see this scene rehearsed by the current company and then performed.

The Willow Song scene

In this video Abigail introduces Act 4 Scene 3, also known as the Willow song scene, recapping on some of the things we have learnt about this scene in the play.

As you watch consider:

What are you most interested to see as you watch the possible interpretations and final choices of the 2015 acting company and director Iqbal Khan?

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