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Skip to 0 minutes and 12 seconds SPEAKER 1: Hello, and welcome to week three. Now we are at the final stages of this course. We have focused on activation in terms of diagnosing and responding to student’s learning needs. This final week focuses on evaluation. Evaluation is focused on determining the impact of our practice on student’s learning, and identifying if we have been able to make students have rapid progress in their learning based on what we have diagnosed and then how we have responded. This is important. John Dewey, an educational philosopher, highlighted that, if we are going to do any thinking worth it’s name we need to know the impact of our practice, and we need to evaluate it.

Skip to 0 minutes and 57 seconds So evaluation is not only important as part of John Hattie’s metro analysis of the greatest things that have impact on student’s learning, but it’s also important drawing on John Dewey, educational philosopher. So this week our aim is to provide you with different methods and mechanisms and ways in which you might evaluate the impact of your practice. We will provide case studies of different school’s approaches to CPD, and how they find that effective. We’ll introduce an observable learning assessment framework that looks at how you might access learning in physical, cognitive, social and effective domains. We’ll also explore reflection and how reflection might support your learning.

Skip to 1 minute and 40 seconds And we’ll introduce you to our website which we will provide you with some questionnaires and tools which you can use to evaluate your CPD and the impact your practice has on student learning. So as with every week, there are interactive tasks for you to do after each video, and we will introduce the learning outcomes on the next slide. We hope enjoy this final week focused on evaluation.


In this video Dr Vicky Goodyear introduces the focus for this week, evaluation, and the core learning outcomes.

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