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Popular responses to overtourism

In this section, we explore the social impact of tourism on the resident population and how negative impacts are amplified in the presence of overtourism.

The video above depicts a demonstration against the uncontrolled growth of the number of tourists and their rented vehicles, which are negatively impacting local transit and the residents’ quality of life.

But is a negative perception unanimous among residents? There are those who would like to see more effective control measures on the number of tourists, but there are also those that, instead, tend to diminish the problem because they are still satisfied with the benefits (normally economic) that tourism brings.

What’s your opinion on this controversy?

Your task

Search online for images that capture local responses to overtourism, then share at least one of them on this Padlet wall.

You are encouraged to provide a short description with your image/visual and explain what it is that your image is showing.

Reflect on the images posted. Is there evidence of exaggeration or different perspectives? Share your thoughts on the debate in the comments.

Please remember to:

• Add a short description to briefly explain your rationale and how this informs your practice

• Have a look at the contributions of your colleagues and post any comments if you wish to

• Ensure that any material you share respects both copyright and the wider audience

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