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An introduction to quality in tourism

In the previous activity, the focus was on the residents’ perspective and how they are affected by overtourism. In this section, we’ll explore how overtourism negatively affects the tourist experience itself.

tourists following a tour guide

There is a direct relationship between overtourism and the ability to maintain a high level of quality in the tourism supply. With so many people coming and going, entering parks and crowding sights, it’s difficult for hosts to preserve these areas while simultaneously allowing tourists to enjoy them.

Quality is a concept that cuts across the various areas of tourism and is increasingly relevant, distinctive and a promoter of competitiveness. The concept of quality has been widely debated and there are several approaches to its application. In tourism management, this objective aims to ensure that the tourism services and products provided meet or exceed the expectations of tourists. In increasingly competitive markets, concern about the quality of service has grown significantly.

The importance of this theme has justified the development of initiatives that promote quality in tourism, namely through the definition of quality references for tourism destinations, products, organisations and services.

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