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Skip to 0 minutes and 9 seconds Whilst opioid consumption or rather availability is seen as a marker of good palliative care. Another marker is that of education. This can be for undergraduate medical or nursing students, but also postgraduate courses in specialist palliative care. Palliative care education is mandatory for medical students. There is a national curriculum, but no specific number of hours for this topic is described. In our university In Bonn, we have 14 hours of small group education and 14 hours of lectures. Small group work includes interaction with actor patients among others. Other universities have similar programmes. And nursing schools have end-of-life care as a topic in the undergraduate curriculum, but no specified number of hours and no curriculum is defined.

Skip to 1 minute and 3 seconds There is a sub-speciality palliative care for physicians and the palliative care qualification for nurses. The nurses qualification is not an official accreditation but widely acknowledged. For example, the lead nurse of the palliative care service has to have this qualification as a prerequisite for reimbursement. Equally, many countries still need better education for health care workers. The barrier that still exists is the lack of education. We see that palliative education is present in some basic curricula especially for the nurses. It exists already in a very good substantial way. What we lack is the good information in the curricula of physicians.

Skip to 1 minute and 52 seconds In the basic curricula, we are stressing things in collaboration with the royal academic of physicians and also with the palliative community to stress that it is important to educate better the physicians in palliative care. And so we are visiting the deans of the medical faculties to stress the importance of better education in palliative care. In the way that we are waiting for their conclusion, The Palliative Federation is giving for more than 10 years basic courses and post graduate courses for physicians. Although, this is only for volunteers. So it is not an obligation. So in this situation, we have to improve.

Skip to 2 minutes and 47 seconds We have to improve, and we have to stress that it is main core business in the basic curriculum of all the different disciplines. Nursing in the UK has become quite specialised with various courses on offer. Nurses are able to do post qualification courses to increase their skills in palliative care and become clinical nurse specialists. There are about eight masters level programmes in palliative care. And a number of British universities offer PhD programmes too.

Palliative care education

Along with opioid availability, palliative care education is considered to be another marker of good palliative care.

In this short film, speakers discuss the presence of specialist palliative care training within educational programmes for different healthcare professionals.

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