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Introduction to the Travel & Tourism Industry: Passport to the World

Explore how the global travel and tourism industry works and start your career in the world’s fastest-growing industry.

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Introduction to the Travel & Tourism Industry: Passport to the World

8,684 enrolled on this course

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Understand the key points of the customer journey in travel

The travel and tourism sector contributes hundreds of millions of jobs to the global economy each year, and it’s likely to continue increasing.

On this eight-week course, you’ll explore the customer journey through the eight stages of travel. Each week you’ll focus on a new stage, looking at the various aspects involved from both a customer and business perspective, as well as the trends and possible careers in each industry sector.

Develop your understanding of the pre-travel sectors of the tourism industry

Not every trip or experience will require the traveller to go through each stage of travel, but when going to a new destination, it’s likely they will use all eight stages.

You’ll start by delving into finding a destination and making reservations. Alongside discussing the jobs and careers within each stage, you’ll look at how social media and reviews influence decision making and the research around how destinations can better ‘cope with success’.

Explore the accommodation and food sectors of the industry

The internet has reshaped the travel and tourism industry, especially accommodation. With sites like Booking.com and AirBnB, there is ample opportunity (and competition) for businesses.

You’ll learn about the different types of hotels, from independent to luxury, as well as the competition from non-hotels. Then you’ll delve into the food sector, exploring the best menus to offer tourists and why it’s difficult to find authentic meals.

Discover how travellers share their experiences and feedback in the modern world

Towards the end of this course, you’ll delve into the post-travel stages of the tourism industry. This section will guide you through how social media, blogs, and review sites like TripAdvisor have changed the way people share their experiences.


  • Week 1

    The Customer Journey

    • Elements of the course

      Your teacher welcomes you and provide an overview of this course

    • Collect information

      How to find the best place to go?

    • Jobs and Careers

      You may want to know what jobs are available in this area. Here is a little help.

    • Assess your understanding of Week 1

      Please complete the quiz. This may help you organize your knowledge and check if you read the content carefully.

  • Week 2

    Select a Destination

    • Decision about a destination

      Where and why?

    • What do destinations want to know about you?

      When you travel you are often asked to fill out questionnaires or are interviewed personally about your needs. Why do companies do that?

    • What if everybody wants to go THERE?

      Overtourism is a relatively new term but a current threat to popular tourist destinations. Is there a way to deal with it?

    • Jobs and Careers

      See what jobs and careers are out there in destination management.

    • Assess Your Understanding of Week 2

      Please complete the quiz. This may help you organize your knowledge and check if you read the content carefully.

  • Week 3

    Make a Reservation

    • Ways of making a reservation

      Here are the tools that connect you to your trip.

    • Managing terabytes of data

      Online business creates tons of data to be processed. How is this done?

    • The many parts that add up to one reservation

      Unbundling the complex texture of an industry.

    • Jobs and Careers

      Information processing in the travel business is a rapidly growing branch. The land of promise for someone considering a career in this area.

    • Assess Your Understanding of Week 3

      Please complete the quiz. This may help you organize your knowledge and check if you read the content carefully.

  • Week 4

    Use Transportation

    • How do people travel?

      The transportation sector is growing rapidly and you will need to be able to decide which means of transport fits your needs the best. At the same time, you have to be aware of the sustainability of different travel options.

    • Airlines

      Air traffic is growing rapidly. Is there an end to this?

    • Trains-Buses-Boats

      Alternatives to flights - at least on short distances

    • Transportation Uses Energy

      A lot of energy. While there are more and more fuel efficient vehicles are in the sky, on the ground and water, transportation is still an environmental challange.

    • Jobs and Careers

      Transportation companies offer a vast amount of career opportunities to people with various educational background.

    • Video Game Bonus Activity (But not for Credit)

      Try yourself, be an aviation manager!

    • Assess Your Understanding of Week 4

      See if you have understood some basic issues in passenger transportation.

    • Rate Your Experience of the Course

      We want to do better, please give us a hand. During the course we cannot change content or methodology but your opinion is important for us in developing our work with future learners.

  • Week 5

    Use Accomodation

    • How Does the Hotel/Lodging Industry Operate?

      “Accommodation” in the travel industry covers a wide range of options for customers.

    • The Internet Changes the Industry

      Using accomodation in the cyber age is transforming rapidly.

    • Types of Hotels

      When we talk about "hotels" we mean many different kinds of accomodation. Just how many?

    • Competition from Non-Hotels

      Accomodation for tourist does not only mean hotels. There is a growing business of providers that are not hotels.

    • Jobs and Careers

      Accomodation business is constantly growing just as the number of tourists. If you are a tourist you have to rest and sleep somewhere. And these places need a lot of workforce.

    • Assess Your Understanding of Week 5

      Here are again a few questions so that you can see how smarter you are after having read this week's content.

  • Week 6

    Eat Meals

    • Food, Travel and Tourism: Where to start?

      Introduction to the food sector.

    • What Do People Want?

      The food industry is an important part of the Travel & Tourism industry. Local food specialties are important in selling a destination. Have to be aware that not all “eaters” are alike.

    • Who Likes Which Cuisine

      It is an interesting excercise to get to know which are the most popular kitchens in the World.

    • Knowing the Customer

      It is always good to know your customers but with food that is particuarly important. Yet, how would you know if your guest will like your food?

    • Finding an Authentic Meal Can Get Complicated

      All places frequented by tourist are boasting with "authentic" local food. But is it true?

    • Jobs and Careers

      Culinary business offers a rich variety of careers. See what they have.

    • Assess Your Understanding of Week 6

      You got a lot of information about the food industry. See how much you remember.

  • Week 7

    Participate in Activities

    • The Business of Providing Experience

      People on holiday want activities, experiences.

    • Opportunities

      The "experinece business" is a great field for local startups that know potential products the most. Do you see an opportunity around yourself?

    • The World of MICE

      Experiences are part of the MICE business.

    • Jobs and Careers

      There are several possible jobs in the experience business - a lot in the self-emplyed area. Think about it.

    • Assess Your Understanding of Week 7

      Another short quiz to check your undstanding for yourself.

    • Rate Your Experience of the Course

      We want to do better, please give us a hand. We wish to know again your opinion before the last week. Has it changed?

  • Week 8

    Return Home and Tell People About Trip

    • Channels of Sharing Experiences

      Think about what you want to say.

    • Blogging

      The "new age" sharing travel experiences is using internet based social media. Blogging is an art of letting other people to know what you think.

    • Share Experiences to Help Others

      When you share your experiences you will help other travellers to make informed decisions.

    • Jobs and Careers

      Strange it may be but there are career opportunities in the experience sharing "business" as well.

    • Assess Your Understanding of Week 8

      See how much you know about the ways and means of sharing travel experiences.

    • Farewell

      This is the end of our trip.

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What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • Demonstrate knowledge of how the Travel & Tourism industry is structured.
  • Identify the sectors of the Travel & Tourism industry and its customers.
  • Collaborate with other learners in sharing experiences in and ideas about the Travel & Tourism business.
  • Compare job and career opportunities for planning your future.
  • Explore the wide range of careers at each step in the customer journey.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone considering a career in Travel and Tourism, or anyone interested in starting a travel-related business.

Who will you learn with?

Graduate of ELTE, Hungary, earned his PhD at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada. Expert teacher trainer, has a wide international experience with educational projects. Director of GTTP Hungary.

Wellesley College, MBA, DBA Harvard Business School (HBS). Former faculty HBS, Boston University, Brooklyn Polytechnic. President Global Initiatives (www.globalinitiatives.org). GTTP Advisory Board.

University of Texas, former business reporter and corporate communications professional. Since 2001 Senior Editor, Global Initiatives (www.globalinitiatives.org) and GTTP.

Director GTTP East Africa.
BA University of Western Ontario, MBA University of Nottingham. Founder, Boresha Ltd, cited 2015 by the Kenya ICT Board for its quality online education.

Who developed the course?

The Global Travel and Tourism Partnership (GTTP)

GTTP https://www.gttp.org is a project of Global Initiatives, Inc. https://www.globalinitiatives.org a non-profit organization established in 1996.

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