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This content is taken from the Queen's University Belfast's online course, Using Peer Tutoring to Improve Student Reading. Join the course to learn more.
Online Course Concept
Online Course Concept

Course Participation

Course Structure

This course is organised as three weekly topics:

  1. Improve reading for students through an evidence based approach

  2. How to establish paired reading in your classroom

  3. Review of the Peer Tutoring resources

While there is a four hour commitment each week to the course remember that you can opt to do as much or as little of the course as you wish.


We are keen that you have every opportunity to engage with the course. Options for comment and discussions are included at each step. You will see the comment button at the bottom of this page.

Although it is not essential you are encouraged to participate in the discussions which take place through each week. You can read what others have written and add replies.

Some discussions may be very active. You can either reply to an existing comment or just add your own thoughts. When reading the discussions you can use the ‘Like’ button to quickly acknowledge good posts. You also have the option to ‘Follow’ others, if you find what they say is interesting.

You can save interesting or useful comments by bookmarking. This will enable you to come back and review a discussion at a later stage.

Communicating Online

Please always consider carefully what you are saying before hitting the post button as it is publicly available for others to read.

Also please be respectful to other learners. Not all learners are from the same culture as you or have English as a first language.

Review Your Progress

It is important to remember to click the ‘Mark as complete’ button at the bottom of the page as you complete each step. This will help you review your progress.

PDFs and Downloads

As part of the course you will be provided with a set of user-friendly resources. They are designed to assist with your learning and with the establishment of peer tutoring in your own individual setting.

Where appropriate these will be provided as PDFs at the bottom of a page for you to read or download.

This set of resources will be made available within activities included in Week 2 and 3 of the course.

Use of Social Media to talk about the course

You can join and contribute to social media conversations on Twitter and Facebook by using the #FLpeertutoring hashtag.

We do hope that you will join us in what should be an interesting 3 weeks of learning.

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Using Peer Tutoring to Improve Student Reading

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