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Skip to 0 minutes and 19 seconds I have some really top readers. They’re really the best readers I’ve ever had. And I was worried. I thought, how are we going to match these up with the P6s? But it’s actually worked really well, because the pairs I’m thinking of, the older boys are helping the younger ones with their expression in their reading. Even though they fully can read every word, they’re helping them with expression. Mm, I liked that he was helping me a lot. He was helping me with lots of the hard words.

Skip to 0 minutes and 47 seconds I like teaching Hannah new words and helping her with her expressions. I think there are a lot of benefits, particularly for those kids that have behavior issues. When they match together, say, one from your class, Debbie, who struggled, and one from mine, who struggled. Together it worked very well, especially those older P7 boys, giving their experience to the younger ones. And that played right through onto the playground as well. Well, for the P4s, there’s nothing quite like getting a compliment from an older peer. So they’re loving that, because they’re telling them, well done, and that’s lovely reading. And they just think they’re wonderful, because an older boy or girl has told them their reading is really good.

Skip to 1 minute and 25 seconds So their confidence has really soared. And they’re trying out words that they might have stumbled on before. And I think it’s going to be brilliant, really good. My reading will be a lot better because Emily has been helping me with new words.

Impact of the Peer Tutoring Approach

What do teachers and pupils think of the approach?

Watch and listen to a short video of pupils and teachers (from a primary school in Northern Ireland), discussing their experiences of the peer tutoring approach.

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