Man with Question marks
Man with question marks

End of Week 1

In this introductory week we have learned about the process and impact of peer tutoring.

We hope that through the presentations, activities and discussions you have a greater understanding of the concept of cooperative learning. A powerful example of cooperative learning is peer tutoring and/or the paired reading method, where students working together enhance their learning.

You have been introduced to the paired reading technique that has been successfully used in a number of research studies, and have been provided with initial advice about how to do it. Evidence suggests that peer tutoring is an effective technique to improve student reading.

Please join us in Week 2 and find out more about how to establish paired reading in your classroom or individual setting.

Thank you for all your posts and participation in activities throughout this first week of the course. Remember that if you have any questions about Week 1 please ask the facilitators in the comments area.

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Using Peer Tutoring to Improve Student Reading

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