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Children reading in a classroom
Children reading in a classroom

The Peer Tutoring Manual (2018)

The Peer Tutoring Manual (2018) is available in downloadable PDF format below.

This manual will be used in Week 3.

Please begin to read the manual.

Alternatively, you can explore different sections of the manual. You can choose to complete one of the activities below, and then share your thoughts and comments with other learners:

  • Look at the different Question Mats - Do you need to adapt these Question Mats for use in your setting? (pages 39-44)

  • Read a short paragraph on page 32 about praise. Look at the praise card (page 37) and think about what activity you could undertake to get your tutors to think of different ways that they could praise their tutee.

  • Explore the advice in Section 4 on matching pairs. Can you think of any pairs from your setting that may be problematic if they ended up together? Do you have any tutors or tutees who would be better matched in a triad? (Section 4 can be found page 22 and 23)

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Using Peer Tutoring to Improve Student Reading

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