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How do you resolve conflict?

Here are some approaches:

i) Clear communication and willingness to listen. ‘Non-violent communication’

ii) Forum for safe conflict – regular meetings in which problems may be discussed without these issues being construed as personal attacks. Regular reviews of the relationship enable both parties to see what’s going wrong and resolve it.

iii) Third party resolution – arbitration.

iv) Clear disciplinary process – written into contract. Verbal warning. Written warning. Disabled people have found it useful to have emotional support from a friend or family member, when having difficult discussions, as well as having the third party as a witness to the discussion.

Where relationships are ruptured and termination is required, the disabled person may be in a vulnerable position. A personal assistant may have access to keys, personal possessions, bank details or confidential information. Therefore, ending an employment contract has to be undertaken carefully to minimise this vulnerability and to ensure the safety of the disabled individual.

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