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Welcome back

Last week, you explored entrepreneurship within your own culture and identified some of the main contributors to the evolution of entrepreneurship. This involved identifying different characteristics and traits that have come to be associated with being an entrepreneur from either an economic or psychological perspective.

This week, you will explore entrepreneurship within specific contexts. This is because the entrepreneur is more than just a collection of character traits, but also a product of the situations encountered and the learning that has occurred through various life experiences. During this week you will explore:

  • Entrepreneurship in different cultures
  • The role of family background on entrepreneurship
  • The role of education in fostering entrepreneurship
  • The importance of social networks on the tendency to be entrepreneurial

You will then discuss what it means to be entrepreneurial and identify how you can think more like an entrepreneur, and adopt an entrepreneurial mindset.

Your task

Review the reflection task from Step 1.12 in Week 1. Have you identified an entrepreneur in the media and highlighted which personal character traits they possess? You will need to draw on this example for the next activity.

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