Skip to 0 minutes and 11 secondsI hope you have enjoyed this introductory course into entrepreneurship and innovation. You should now have a better understanding of who the entrepreneur is and what they do and under what conditions entrepreneurship is likely to occur. You should now be able to identify the economic motivations for entrepreneurial behaviours, discuss the merits and shortcomings of profiling entrepreneurs as a set of traits and evaluate the special and institutional contexts that give rise to entrepreneurship. You should reflect on how the perspectives on entrepreneurship have altered your understanding of what it means to be enterprising and consider how you can practice the habits of an entrepreneur and thereby develop your own entrepreneurial mindset.

Skip to 1 minute and 8 secondsOne way you can continue to develop your entrepreneurship practice is by identifying and solving problems. You have probably heard of the sustainable development goals aimed at solving some of the worlds critical problems. You might consider choosing one of these challenges to resolve while you practice thinking and behaving like an entrepreneur in the future.

Review of the course

In this short video, Dr Cherisse Hoyte, senior lecturer at the International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship (ICTE) at Coventry University, summarises what we have covered over the last two weeks.

This week, you have explored entrepreneurship in context, focusing on the cultural, social, economic and political conditions under which entrepreneurship can thrive.

You have discussed different societal values and perceptions of entrepreneurship, and have hopefully gained a better understanding of the role of education, family and social networks on the tendency to be entrepreneurial.

Dr Hoyte mentions how you can continue to develop your entrepreneurship practice by identifying and solving problems. One way of doing this is by choosing a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) set by the United Nations as a way of solving the world’s most critical problems.

If you continue your learning journey with us, we will guide you in developing a business idea based on one of these SDGs.

Your task

Identify a problem facing your community/country/region that you would like to resolve. If you were going to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, how would you try to solve it?

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