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Introduction to this course

Hello and welcome. Thank you for taking this course from Taipei Medical University, Taiwan.

This course is an introductory course that will take you through basic terminology, concepts, and processes. You will learn how to design and implement assessments as a preceptor. The lead educators are excited to share their knowledge and personal experiences from working in the industry.

This course is mainly taught by Prof. Daniel Brown, the visiting professor of College of Pharmacy in Taipei Medical University. In the past two years, he has been invited to TMU to train clinical pharmacy students and their preceptors.

There are 7 activities (sessions) and 1 final test in this course. For each week, there will be a weekly quiz as well. Prof. Brown will lead the first three weeks. In the last week of this course, Prof. Elizabeth Chang from the School of Pharmacy will summarize the course and give more practical experiences in clinical pharmacy education and precepting.

At the end of this course, we hope you will have the basic foundations needed to be a clinical pharmacist and training as a preceptor.

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