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Skip to 0 minutes and 10 seconds I am Dr. Daniel Brown. professor of pharmacy practice at palm beach atlantic university. But I’d like to talk to you about today are six step that you can use to become a super preceptor. Before we discuss the six-step the best thing to do is define for you what i mean by super preceptor. If a good preceptor is an afternoon thunderstorm in taipei during the summer which I’m sure you are used to in this part of the world. A super preceptor is a category five hurricane or for your part of the world a category 5 typhoon. A super preceptor is a force of nature.

Skip to 0 minutes and 54 seconds Super preceptor transformed students has a significant impact on their lives not just during their training, but it’s a lifelong impact. You may have experienced training from a super preceptor. When you were a student. And so I would ask you to think for a second what were the traits of that receptor or perhaps it was a teacher that you had even before you entered pharmacy school. What were the traits that super preceptor or that super teacher that causes them to have such an impact on your life. Think about that for just a moment.

Skip to 1 minute and 35 seconds Most likely the traits that you might have thought up. Involve a person who is very caring very compassionate for the students perhaps they demonstrate a very positive role model. They might be very patient with their students very dedicated to the development and growth of their students and you can tell that they’re passionate about teaching and training. The interesting thing about those types of attributes is that they’re not extraordinary they’re not supernatural. So the kind of traits that anyone can have if they’re committed to really being a good super preceptor and training their students have a major impact that lasts throughout their lives. So let’s consider steps that you can take because anyone can be a super preceptor including you.

What are the most important attributes of SUPER preceptors?

Preceptors are not faculty but rather staff (generally PhDs) who help administer and run the course, especially the larger ones. In many applied health education, preceptors are skilled practitioners or faculty members who supervise students in a clinical setting to allow practical experience with patients.

In this video, Prof. Daniel Brown will introduce the idea of becoming a super preceptor. Not only does this apply towards pharmacists, but it is good foundation knowledge for all educators.

Prof. Daniel Brown is the Director of Faculty Development at the School of Pharmacy, Palm Beach Atlantic University, USA. After more than 30 years of teaching, he will soon change his position to be the dean of the College of Pharmacy at California Health Sciences University.


Prof. Daniel L. Brown

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