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Skip to 0 minutes and 1 second So one of the new technologies to think about in the context of this course is fully autonomous cars. A lot of tech companies have started to develop autonomous cars. Most notably here, Tesla, who have recently announced that they’re shipping all their new cars with hardware necessary to drive in a fully autonomous mode. Autonomous cars bring a few new aspects into our society and the environment. One of these aspects introduced with this technology is deep learning, which is used in autonomous cars to make decisions on what to do. We don’t fully understand how this technology works, especially how it makes relevant decisions.

Skip to 0 minutes and 42 seconds This technology makes autonomous cars act as an independent agent in our society and traffic environment, leading to new ways how humans and technology interact. Now, given the fact that this technology takes its own decisions. There are a few important questions that we need to address. When we’re talking about decision-making you need to understand who is responsible and who is still in control. The answer to these questions, and how they are perceived, carry significant implications regarding the impact of this technology on our society. For me in this context, it is especially important to consider how trust between humans and technology will change.

Case-study: who drives the autonomous car?

Research assistant David Goedicke has been working on autonomous cars for the last two years and introduces you to the issues concerning responsibility and control. At the end of this week you will work on a case-study on autonomous cars to make use of your newly acquired knowledge. Before that, we challenge you to delve into some philosophical texts.

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