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Skip to 0 minutes and 2 seconds In the case of Spencer robot, this is the robot that is an airport guide robot, there are many stakeholders. You can imagine there are passengers that are trying to get from their plane to a next plane and catch their connecting flights. You can also imagine that there are people waiting at a gate and the gate changes and the robot needs to bring them to a new gate. But there’s also the airline itself. For instance, KLM, who want to offer service to the robots. KLM has a relationship with their passengers and they will need the robot to represent that relationship.

Skip to 0 minutes and 35 seconds On the other hand, the passengers will have to put a trust in the robot and feel that by choosing to go with a robot that they can make their flight on time. And then there’s also the airport itself who have an atmosphere of hospitality that they find very important. So the relationships that surround these robot products are many and there are many angles to them. I’m interested to know if you can analyze this robot philosophically, with help of the mediation theory this week.

Can you analyse the social robot?

In STEP 2.3 - What kind of relationship can you have with a social robot? Vanessa Evers introduced you to social robotics afterwhich you discussed what kind of relationship you can have with a social robot. Now you have learned about the different dimensions and kinds of relations, you can probably do it much better! Let’s give it a try!

How can we anticipate in design how a robot influences people’s experiences and practices?

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