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Welcome to Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the course. It was fascinating to see so many of you engaging with shot types and their meanings, creating poetry and trying your hand at predictive writing, and we enjoyed hearing how the different frameworks and resources are working with your students.

In the first week we focused on how you can produce narrative writing from image stimuli through a range of activities, and we also began to produce imagery content. This week we’ll be considering how educators can explore this further in the classroom with their young people.

First we will look at how you can utilise sequencing activities to create short, narrated films. Then we’ll delve into the world of the selfie and how its unique cultural status can be harnessed to produce self-reflective animations.

If this week inspires you to continue your filmmaking journey, make sure you check out our other online course Filmmaking and Animation in the Classroom which will introduce you to a very useful framework for more in-depth filmmaking called Shoot and Screen. The next run of Filmmaking and Animation in the Classroom is set for the 23rd September, just in time to give you new ideas for the new school year!.

Again, you’ll find Word and PDF documents of this week’s activities in the Downloads section of this step.

Before we start creating content, our first step is to look at an activity called Shots in Sequence.

Have you ever created an animation or film with your learners? Are you excited about looking at the educational power of the selfie? Please add your comments to the Comments section.

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